Gracie-Mae Harding

Romance Author

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Enchanting - A Small Town Romance

Discover a captivating small-town romance in the 'Enchanting' series, where Daphne, a runaway bride escaping an abusive ex-fiancé, reinvents herself as 'Lana' in Plains, Montana. With a job at a local flower shop and a budding romance with the rugged Max, Lana finds herself entangled in a passionate love story. However, shadows from their pasts threaten to unravel their happiness. This suspenseful and heartwarming tale explores the power of love, redemption, and second chances, promising an enchanting journey."


Experience a poignant tale of childhood friendship, unrequited love, and a surprising twist of fate in this heartfelt story. When Raylene's teenage crush on her best friend, Ashton, leads to heartbreak and separation, she never imagines what the future holds for them. Years later, as a young woman in college, a surprise reunites them, setting the stage for a touching journey of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

Captured In Time

Follow Beatrice (Bea), a determined young American woman, on a journey to the UK to uncover her wealthy ancestors' history and their grand stately home. During a tour of the estate, she is mysteriously transported back in time to the 19th century, where she must adapt to a male-dominated society. Along the way, a mysterious stranger offers her answers and a potential for love, creating an edge-of-your-seat romance adventure. Will Bea find the strength to overcome the sudden life-changing incident that has thrust her into an era she does not belong?

eBook: Box Set & Series

A Punishing Game

Sophia's life takes an unexpected turn after a shocking revelation from her mother, challenging her pursuit of dreams. Charlie, betrayed by loved ones, leads a carefree dating life until he meets Sophia, whose determination impacts him. However, he faces a dilemma: seek revenge or follow his feelings for her. As they grapple with their pasts, can they heal and find happiness together, or will their differing worlds drive them apart? This is book 1 of an interconnected series, best read in order.

Remember Me

Maria and Peter are on separate emotional journeys, each burdened by their pasts. Maria seeks escape from an abusive ex by moving to a new town, but her past follows her. Peter, grappling with guilt from a life-altering tragedy, crosses paths with Maria. As they both battle their inner demons, fate draws them together.

In a world marked by pain and suffering, can Maria and Peter find the strength to move forward and potentially find love in the present? Or will their haunting pasts continue to overshadow their lives? "Still Lake: A Tale of Hope and Redemption" is a gripping novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Until The Season Ends

In 1932, Elsie seeks excitement in her monotonous life. She discovers solace in literature, specifically a book called "The Awakening," which offers a window into someone else's world. Driven by her love for writing and a longing for connection, Elsie takes a leap of faith and writes a letter to the book's previous owner. This act sets her on a journey that could lead to a meaningful friendship or something even deeper. Join Elsie as she escapes the confines of her ordinary life and embarks on an adventure filled with self-discovery and endless possibilities.